Culture Code ~ Day5

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Someone clipped my wings a long long time ago.

I spent my time taking in deep breaths.

Recovering from the illusion that I am separate.



Not ONE.



Not good enough.

I remember when she told me I spoke, “spoke so well”.

I said, “thank you”.

I knew she meant well, but that rubbed me the wrong way.

In a way what she said was insinuating that I too am just another darkie.

Black skin.

Black girl catching you with your whiteness off guard.

No I don’t speak ebonics

No I don’t always move my neck from left to right when I talk.

But sometimes when I’m with my girls

I code switch real quick…

And its fun -

To act like what some may call




Or too black

Someone clipped my wings a long long time ago.

I must not be who I am supposed to be

Because even the black kids tell me…

How many times have you had your wings clipped?

When was the first time?

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